Med. Light Roast – Finca El Pilar, Antioquia, Colombia




Finca “El Pilar” is recognized for employing mostly women, “Chapoleras” that represent female-headed households, who work very hard to provide a better future for their kids and families. Thanks to the support of the Cadavid-Velasquez family, the Chapolera’s kids are also able to attend school. The family and Chapolera’s dedication and discipline reflects in the quality of the coffee produced at Finca “El Pilar”.

Producer: Cadavid – Vasquez Family

Tasting Notes: Almonds, pears,chocolate

Roasting Profile: Medium Light

Acidity: Medium /Malic acidity  –     Body: Medium

Varietal: Castillo   /      Process: Washed

For more information on “La Candela”, click on the PDF link:       2019 Finca El Pilar Info

No pesticides or chemicals are used  on the harvesting or processing of the coffee cherries. Organic compost made at the farm is commonly used on the farming process and clean water is used for washing the beans.

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