Light Roast – Natural Process – Finca La Maria, Antioquia, Colombia




Vibrant, complex, full of tropical fruits with an invigorating sweet aroma that translates into the cup.

This natural processed coffee from ‘La Maria’ offers tasting notes of sweet pineapple, passion fruit and lychee with a silky, long and pleasant mouthfeel.

Its low acidity and medium body makes it a great coffee to enjoy at any time during the day.

Roasting Profile: Light       –      Process: Natural




No pesticides or chemicals are used at Finca La Maria on the harvesting or processing of the coffee cherries. Organic compost made at the farm is commonly used on the farming process.

For detailed information on  the natural coffee from Finca”La Maria”, click on the PDF link:  Finca La María Natural Light Roast

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