Our Values


As specialty coffee roasters, we strive to bring the best possible coffees to our costumers. Our quality control processes include origin trips to visit as many farms as possible to ascertain good farming practices are in place, cupping (tasting) numerous samples of coffee on a regular basis, and partnering with producers, importers and brokers that follow similar standards and quality procedures.


Each coffee tells a story. The idea of single origin also means being able to trace the coffee to its roots — the country, the region, the farm, the people, the processes and the surrounding environment. We trace the elements and characters that give it it’s profile, or in other words, its story.

Since our coffees come from different regions in Colombia, offering a diverse and unique selection that identify the coffee with its origin. To learn more specific details about the origins, notes and processes of any of our coffees make sure to click on the PDF document attached to each of the coffees in our online shopping store.

Direct Trade / Fair Trade

More than a certification, our direct – fair trade is a commitment. Chapolera Coffee believes in the direct correlation between quality and fair practices across the supply chain. We also expect the same kind of commitment in our partnerships with farmers or importers. We pay special attention to make sure a fair price is paid for the coffee and to the farmers. We truly believe this is the only way we can help ensure the farmers will continue to produce and harvest the exceptional coffee beans we all love and enjoy.


Our stewardship efforts encompass the following:

  • The environment and how it affects coffee farming and the supply chain.
  • The farmers necessities. We look for ways to participate and promote programs or activities that directly benefit them.
  • Finding ways to pay it forward and being mindful of our relationships with the community both local and abroad

The Combination of Science & Art

Roasting coffee is the perfect combination of art & science. You need the passion and artistic sense to guide you through your coffee adventures, but it is the science behind it that undeniably makes it a constant perfection. To deny one or the other, in our eyes, would be to take away recognition from some of the people involved in this amazing industry.

We will always do our best to combine the two. To get inspired and infuse our passion and artistic sense with as much precise scientific knowledge as we can possible attain. We will continue to educate ourselves in all aspects of the industry and share that knowledge as much as we can.