For the love of Coffee………

Oh the things we do for love! For the love of coffee that is. I’m not a writer or a blogger. As a matter of fact, writing doesn’t come easy to me, especially since English is my second language, but I’ve been told by several people that nowadays, blogging is a must. You use it as a tool to spread the knowledge, to market your product, to reach others. So, hoping that what I’ve been told is true, and that my English vocabulary and grammar are kind to me,  I’ll try my best and give it a try. I’ll start by writing a little bit about how this dream came about as well as provide a little bit of useful information at the end.

I’ve always dreamed about working with coffee, especially after moving to the United States from my native Colombia. I still remember walking through the streets of New York back in the 90’s  (yes, I know, I’m dating myself here), and thinking about opening a coffee shop, importing Colombian coffee, and showing people what our coffee culture was all about. To me, coffee has always been a way to reconnect with my country and my people. To go back to the lush and green landscapes of my land, even if only for those few minutes while I drink my coffee. Coffee is something that makes us Colombians proud, very proud.

I’m in awe of what the coffee industry has done in the recent years, and how people of all ages and nationalities have embraced the love for coffee. It intensifies my passion for coffee to see all the possibilities and opportunities to grow and learn something new every day. I’m grateful for the opportunity to follow good, sound principles and fair practices, which we may give us the chance to help others regardless of whether they are in the same city or across the continent.

To be able to finally start Chapolera Coffee, to dedicate our time and efforts to work with coffee is truly a dream come true. Goals, objectives, targets and dreams in general might take a little bit of time to complete, but we will get there. In the meantime, I’ll start by listing places, associations, magazines, etc., where good and reliable information about coffee can be found. This short list will be the first of many, which I’ll try to update, modify, and enhance as we go:


Specialty Coffee Association of America: Education, events, resources, etc.

Coffee Quality Institute:

Colombian Coffee Federation: Resources and information about Colombian coffee.


Barista Magazine:

Roast Magazine:


Fresh Cup:

Coffee Lovers:

Events and education:

Caffeine Crawl:

Coffee Fest:

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