Coffee Cupping

Do you love coffee? Would you like to learn more about coffee, its roots and processes? One of the best ways to learn more about coffee is through cupping. This class will walk participants through the cupping ritual, while learning to assess the full sensory experience by focusing on aspects of fragrance, aroma, break, brightness, mouth-feel and flavor, and leave … Read More

Behind the Coffee ……..The origin of our name and who are the Chapoleras?

Every industry has vital, indispensable people without whom we couldn’t have a final product, and the coffee industry is no different. For us at Chapolera Coffee, it is the people in the fields, the ones that plant, take care and harvest the coffee who are the true champions of our industry. These people, and particularly the women, who are also … Read More

For the love of Coffee………

Oh the things we do for love! For the love of coffee that is. I’m not a writer or a blogger. As a matter of fact, writing doesn’t come easy to me, especially since English is my second language, but I’ve been told by several people that nowadays, blogging is a must. You use it as a tool to spread the … Read More