About Us

Our name pays homage to the people, and more specifically the women that work in the coffee farms harvesting the coffee: The “Chapoleras”. For generations, they have harvested the coffee from one farm or region to another. They have raised their families while on the road, and it is thanks to the Chapoleras and Chapoleros of the world that this tradition continues allowing us to enjoy our beloved coffee. Chapolera Coffee is proud to be a part women and minority owned company.

Jenny Bueno

A native of Colombia, Jenny grew up surrounded by coffee and its culture. Working with coffee was a passion turned into reality with Chapolera Coffee as it allows her to promote what she loves and enjoys the most about her native country: Colombian coffee.

Chapolera Coffee also provides a venue for her to give back to the community and somehow help those involve in the coffee supply chain, specially the farmers and Chapoleras.

She is fascinated by Native American and Japanese cultures. Her favorite coffee brewing methods are: Pour over and Aero press.

Art Baker

Art was born and raised in Michigan. He graduated from University of Michigan and truly enjoys all the technical aspects of coffee roasting and brewing.

Art’s interest in coffee drives him to apply his engineering background to constantly refine the art of roasting, experimenting and always pushing the envelope. He is an avid hockey and college football fan where his loyalty and devotion is to the Red Wings and Wolverines.


The most spoiled Labrador retriever in the planet, who has no shame when it comes to getting rubbies, eating ice cream or anything pork is our official cold brew label image. Clint is a rescue dog from San Antonio, Texas, who loves coffee and spends most of his time following his parents around the roastery looking for coffee beans to eat.