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Premium Single Origin Coffee

Roasted in the heart of Idaho Falls, Idaho

Featured Single Origin Roast

Everything from and about Finca La Cabaña is what gives Colombian coffees their amazing reputation. Surrounded by native hardwood and fruit trees, La Cabaña sits in the middle of its own forest.

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True Single Origin Coffee

One source, no blends, full traceability, one story. Each coffee provides a unique experience that will transport you to its roots, and allow you to enjoy the range of options in coffee.

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Giving Back

Paying it forward is at the core of our company. Our business wouldn’t exist without the contributions and support of the people who make the coffee industry a reality. Sharing a percentage of our profits and time with the communities – both local and abroad- is something the we enjoy and cherish.

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About Us

Our name pays homage to the people, and more specifically the women that work in the coffee farms harvesting the coffee: The “Chapoleras”. For generations, they have harvested the coffee from one farm or region to another. They have raised their families while on the road, and it is thanks to the Chapoleras and Chapoleros of the world that this tradition continues allowing us to enjoy our beloved coffee. Chapolera Coffee is proud to be a part women and minority owned company.