Behind the Coffee ……..The origin of our name and who are the Chapoleras?

Every industry has vital, indispensable people without whom we couldn’t have a final product, and the coffee industry is no different. For us at Chapolera Coffee, it is the people in the fields, the ones that plant, take care and harvest the coffee who are the true champions of our industry. These people, and particularly the women, who are also known as Chapoleras are who our name pays tribute to.

Chapoleras have always represented a mix of simple, yet strong women who traveled throughout different regions harvesting the coffee. The name Chapolera was inspired by the “Chapola”, a butterfly species that likes to hang around coffee trees. They are typically pictured in their traditional clothes: a white blouse and a flowing skirt, usually with colorful designs and flowers, and the traditional “alpargatas” or espadrilles made out of jute.

Nowadays, our Chapoleras dress just like any of us and some of them have also morphed into coffee farmers. They work together and produce some of the best coffees currently available in micro lots, forming cooperatives to promote and sell their coffee.  The pictures below show the traditional Chapolera dress as well as the “Modern Chapoleras” (picture taken from the “Yo Amo El Café de Colombia” web site).

Follow this link to read their article about these modern Chapoleras:


Aside from the magnificent joy coffee gives me when I drink or smell it, coffee has always been a way to reconnect with my roots and honor the people who produce one of the most important products in Colombia’s economy: coffee. Our hope at Chapolera Coffee is to find different ways to help our Chapoleras with their ability to do their work, so they can inspire the new generations to continue harvesting the coffee, while hopefully earning fair rewards for their work.

Thank you Chapoleras!

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